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Brand New

Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut

Our Price: $7.99

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      You may have noticed them; the kids who are hiding their pain under long sleeves or wristbands.

      Or you might never notice them the ones who seem to have life together except for the deep secret that they keep hidden beneath their clothes.

      This is no longer a fringe issue that occurs only in the most extreme cases.

      The truth is that many teens today are dealing with their emotional pain by inflicting physical pain upon themselves, whether we can see it on the surface or not.

      While we may never fully understand the motives behind self-mutilation and cutting, we can begin to understand why some teens cut, and more importantly, we can learn how to help.

      Marv Penner, author ofHope and Healing for Kids Who Cut, will take you into the world of self-injury, defining what it is, and what it is not.

      You'll hear stories from teens and young adults who struggle with the urge to hurt themselves, and you'll learn to recognize the signs of self-injury.

      In addition, counselor and professor, Marv Penner will help you understand the cycle of addiction, that has become everyday life for so many hurting teens, and he'll give you the tools and wisdom to help a self-injurer find hope and healing.

      Whether you know someone who is cutting, or you are struggling with this addiction yourself, Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut is something you want to have in your "first-aid" kit.

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