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Books for Leaders

I Want to Talk With My Teen About Addictions

Author: Megan Hutchinson
Our Price: $8.50

Availability: In Stock

      You're not alone!

      Millions of busy parents, youth leaders, and others like you long for helpful hints, important information, and solid strategies to enable their teens to develop healthy coping skills... From addictive behaviors including drinking and smoking to gambling, disfigurement, and hard-core drugs, I Want to Talk With My Teen About Addictions offers clear, concise information about the impact of addictive behaviors and how addiction affects teens' faith-filled lives.

      Powerful pointers, checklists, charts, discussion starters, colorful diagrams, and practical, interactive suggestions help you and your teen... EXAMINE why people become addicted and feel hopeless.

      DISCOVER how alcohol and drugs poison the body, mind, and spirit.

      DEVELOP healthy coping strategies for resisting unhealthy behaviors.

      REALIZE that addiction is a choice teens make – but can be overcome.

      EMBRACE God's power, good friends, and love in breaking addictions.

      I Want to Talk With My Teen About Addictions fits neatly in your purse, pocket, or briefcase and is ready to offer you solid support, suggestions, and loads of practical information in a snap!

      You might say it's a busy parent and teen's dynamic discussion starter!

       A Personal Note From MeganHi there!

      Understanding a teenager can make you feel like your head is barely above water at times – let alone working with one who struggles with addiction.

      Suddenly, you feel like you're drowning.

      “I Want to Talk to my Teen About Addictions” provides information and practical support to help you with your addicted son, daughter, friend, and student.

      Whether you are dealing with someone who cuts, drinks, or indulges in pornography, sex, drugs or smoking, you will have ways to assess if they are truly addicted as well as helpful ways to come along side those with deep hurts.

      I love this book (yeah, I wrote it, but I really do).

      I work with students on a daily basis who are deeply hurting, and I wrote this book because there was nothing out there to help me or my volunteer team with some of our basic questions.

      Now we have it and so can you.

      Thanks for caring for hurting teenagers.

      They need you more than you know.

      Megan Hutchinson

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