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Books for Leaders

Memory Makers

Author: Doug Fields and Duffy Robbins
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      You're 15 minutes into your Sunday morning message when a uniformed police officer strides into the room.

      He casually asks for one of your students by name.

      The officer escorts your stunned student to the parking lot – where one of your volunteers is waiting to treat him to breakfast.

      That's one Sunday morning your student will never forget!

      Memory Makers is filled with clever and practical ideas to help youth workers create lifelong memories for students.

      If you took an inventory of the memories that shaped you, you'd probably find that what made it memorable was one of the following factors: Surprise, Rarity, Uniqueness, Intensity, Intimacy, Risk, or Ceremony.

      They're all elements found in the ideas within this book.

      From simple letter ideas to insane camp surprises, it's a perfect resource to help you create memorable occasions for your students.

      Some ideas work great for large-group programming, such as Mystery Hitchhiker, Cabin Sneak, and Prearranged Disaster.

      Others, like One Sweet Letter, Adjective Overload, Letter from God, and Audio Letter, are creative ideas for the personal affirmation of one student.

      Surprising your kids with the unexpected shows them you genuinely care and will make your youth group anything but ordinary.

      This resource will help make your ministry – and your message – more memorable.

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