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Books for Students

The Case for Faith - Student Edition

Author: Lee Strobel
Our Price: $7.99

Availability: In Stock

      Every Christian, at one point or another wrestles with doubts about what they believe.

      We believe in a God that we can't see, can't touch, and who hasn't stepped foot on this earth in over 2,000 years.

      It's understandable that our faith can get rocky at times and even more so for teenagers.

      Every day students' beliefs are challenged by their friends, teachers, the media, and sometimes even their own family.

      Being able to understand the core of these questions and how to answer them intelligently can make the difference between having faith and losing it.

      Lee Strobel should know; he didn't start with any faith at all.

      A devout atheist, Strobel sought to expose Christianity as a lie and instead found a very real and caring Father.

      He documents his journey in his previous book, The Case for Christ.

      In his best-selling follow-up, The Case for Faith, Lee challenges new experts with questions commonly asked of Christianity.

      If God is so loving, why does He allow so much suffering? If God is merciful, how could He torture people in hell? If God made the world, how do you explain evolution? These questions and many others find honest, intelligent and Spirit-filled answers, this time customized specifically for the challenges that face today's teenagers.

      A perfect tool for students, parents, or youth pastors, this book will help you answer the questions and face the doubts.

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