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What Matters Most

Author: Doug Fields
Our Price: $10.25

Availability: In Stock

      Every youth worker should read this book!

      If you can't remember the last time you said “no” to the senior pastor, the custodian, the church secretary, or the parents of that annoying kid, you're on the road to... well... to nowhere.

      Actually, you're on the road to death – the death of your passion, your ministry, your joy, your family, your long-term ministry effectiveness, and maybe even your faith.

      It may sound dramatic, but the truth is, ministry often makes us feel like we have to say “yes” to everything for the sake of Jesus.

      We're asked to sacrifice our time, our energy, our personal resources, and often our families.

      And we usually make these sacrifices for others who believe they know what really matters for us.

      But if it's all in the name of Jesus, do you think Jesus would really ask us to do it all? Probably not, because Jesus said “no” on a regular basis.

      He said “no” to important people and significant opportunities.

      He took time to focus on what mattered most.

      He said “no” when He needed to refuel or refocus.

      In fact, Jesus was effective in His ministry because He regularly said “no.

      ” Can you imagine what your ministry could be if you took the opportunities to refuel and refocus from time to time? This is your chance.

      Doug Fields, author of What Matters Most and a youth ministry survivor for more than 25 years, is giving you permission – no, he's telling you – to learn to say “no” and say it often so you can say “yes” to what's most important.

      If you want to do more than just survive, if you want to thrive in youth ministry, this may be the most important lesson you'll learn.

      This book will provide you with encouragement to stay the course, reignite your passion for ministry, and most importantly, nurture your passion for Jesus.

      After all, isn't that what matters most?

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