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Books for Leaders

Would You Rather?

Author: Doug Fields
Our Price: $6.99

Availability: In Stock

      Every youth worker should keep this book in their back pocket – that's why we made it so small!

      Would You Rather is filled with 465 questions that force students to answer what they would rather do in a specific setting –perfect for striking up new and unusual conversations.

      This is a great tool to break the ice, spark discussion, get kids laughing, and challenge them to wrestle with spiritual issues.

      This is one resource you'll want for every member of your ministry team.

      The fun, creative questions help students let down their guard as they begin to open up and share their values.

      These questions get students thinking, debating, talking, and laughing.

      Have you ever noticed how kids will argue passionately about their favorite TV show or soft drink – and then have nothing to say about matters of importance in faith and life? Yet if you listen carefully, when they're discussing even the most trivial topic they often reveal their values and priorities – and you can pick up on some great discussions.

      Students will have answers and once they share one, you'll gain a little insight into their values and personality.

      Then you can explore their decision-making processes.

      You can take it deep or use it to laugh and have fun.

      It's a great resource to keep any place you hang out with kids – in your office, at home, on trips, in your car.

      Use it for icebreakers, discussion starters, community building, wrestling with faith issues, or just for fun!

      Some of the questions available to ask, “Would you rather... ”... Make a child cry or kick a puppy? ... Attend the Last Supper or discover Jesus' empty tomb? ... Be rich or famous? ... Be yelled at by a friend or by a stranger? ... Design toilet seat covers or install them? ... Be cute and stupid or smart and ugly? ... Be known as a traitor to your country or a racist? ... Laugh or make others laugh? ... Take communion or sing praise songs? ... Find your dad reading Playboy or a Barney coloring book? Bulk resource pricing for Would You Rather... ? :10 or more books $5.99The bulk price change will be reflected when you update the shopping cart with the new quantity.

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