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Small Groups

Revolution 2

Author: Doug Fields
Our Price: $159.95

Availability: In Stock

      This is a complete youth ministry video experience that includes: 25 real-life stories from teenagers across the country Biblical and practical teaching from Doug Fields 10 funny and thought-provoking parodies A 13-week Bible Study resource for Youth Groups Say goodbye to life as we know it.

      A revolution is underway.

      Guilt and worry no longer need to gnaw at your students' souls.

      Anger won't sabotage their love.

      Doubts can drive them into deeper faith.

      Jesus calls us to a new kind of life, a powerful, purposeful life that impacts our world.

      Join the revolution!

      The Revolution 2 youth video curriculum from Bluefish TV will do more than entertain your youth group.

      It will challenge and change them.

      Thirteen weeks of Bible study revolve around five video programs that meet your students where they live, featuring... Gut-level interviews with real teenagers about the issues of their lives Behind-the-scenes interviews with musicians Bethany Dillon and Caedmon's Call, baseball stars Andy Pettitte and JD Drew and basketball All-Star Michael Redd Commercial parodies that will make you die laughing or live thinking, or both Frank teaching from youth minister Doug Fields of Saddleback Church and Simply Youth Ministry Bible-based lesson plans that offer step-by-step guidance, but also give you room to improvise These are lessons you'll never have to apologize for.

      Authentic interviews and skillful production make these fast-paced videos fun to watch and great to work with.

      Supported by the practical teaching materials, Revolution 2 will ignite group discussion and lead to personal transformation in your youth group Bible studies or Sunday school classes.

      INCLUDES: 5 DVDs, Leader's Guide, and promotional poster.

      Five video-based lessons are combined with eight Bible studies on related themes to create a 13-week curriculum.

      You can choose to use Revolution 2 for a full quarter.

      Or just use the video lessons for a five-week series.

      It's your call.

      Home Hurts Home.



      Do these words make you feel warm and happy? Or tense? Even the best families have times when they just don't get along.

      What do you do when home becomes a battle zone … when the family that should support you is causing you pain? How can you honor your parents when they don't seem to care? Find out on Revolution.

      Why Me? Life is moving along just fine when wham!

      – something happens.

      An injury, a disease, a disaster, maybe your parents split up, maybe you lose someone.

      It changes everything.

      If God loves us so much, how can He allow such pain? Why couldn't God just make a perfect world, where there would be no suffering? How can we move on? Find out on Revolution.

      One Decision Away Ever wonder what life would be like if you made a different decision? Listened to your parents? Didn't go to that party? Didn't follow the crowd? No matter how bad life seems, we are all one decision away from turning things around.

      Our choices are powerful.

       How do we make wise choices and avoid the pain

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Author: Doug Fields

Our Price: $159.95

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