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Don't Buy the Lie

Author: Mark Matlock
Our Price: $6.99

Availability: In Stock

      “I'm going to call a psychic.

      ”“I want to cast a spell on my boyfriend.

      ”“Let's have a séance tonight.

      ”Thousands of people make comments like this every day often thinking they're just jokes and not knowing it's all a big trap.

      TV and movies portray the supernatural as innocent, fun, even cool.

      Psychics seem like they really can tell the future.

      Don't buy the lie.

      It's not all fun and games.

      This book shows you how to think for yourself, and not fall for these lies.

      You'll learn how to discern what's real and what's not; what the Bible says about the supernatural and what it doesn't say.

      Discover the “thinking traps” that people fall into when a slight twist of the truth gets them heading toward disaster.

      With this book, you'll be armed and ready to take on the lies that come your way.

      Mark Matlock has ministered to youth pastors and students for more than a decade.

      He teaches at PlanetWisdom conferences for teenagers, is the creator of PlanetWisdom.com, hosts the nationally syndicated radio program WisdomWorks, and is a columnist for Ignite Your Faith magazine.

      His most recent books are Living a Life That Matters and Smart Faith.

      Mark resides in Irving, Texas, with his wife, Jade, and their two children, Dax and Skye.

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