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Books for Students

Every Teenager's Little Black Book on Cash

Our Price: $4.99

Availability: In Stock

      With 100,000 books already sold in the little black book series, author and youth minister Blaine Bartel now introduces five more titles to this growing book trend.

      Teens and adults alike love the short, simple lists and bullet points filled with humor and hard-hitting truths.

      These quick and powerful books are perfect for teens on-the-go and have sound scriptural advice that will help them succeed in life.

       Contents Include Love Is Not for Sale 5 Ways Money Can Destroy People 3 Reasons People are More Important Than Cash 4 Priority Checkups You Can Do 6 Attributes of Real Love 3 Daily Habits to Grow in Your Relationship With God Money Monopoly 3 Reasons You Should Tithe 5 Money Verses to Commit to Memory 4 Warnings Jesus Gave About Money 7 Rewards of the Giver 3 Bible Personalities Who Were Rich The Rewards of Work 5 Things God Says About Work 4 Kinds of People Who Constantly Get Fired 3 Reasons Your Relationship With Your Parents Will Affect Your Career 7 Rewards of a Diligent Worker 5 Qualities of a Valuable Employee Become a Money Channel 3 Reasons God Wants You to be a Channel 3 Keys That Will Open the Windows of Heaven 7 Promises Guaranteed to Every Giver 5 Things to Believe God for as a Teenager 5 Ways You Can Give Without Using Money Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? 5 Obstacles You Must Overcome to Grow Financially 4 Practical Things You Can Do to Learn How to Make Money 7 Common Denominators of Those Who Grow Rich 3 Places for Successful Investing 10 Key Questions for Spending Wisely Budget, Plan, and Prosper 4 Do's and 3 Don'ts of Budgeting 7 Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Time 6 Keys to Getting the MOst Out of Your Time 7 Books That Can Change Your Life 3 Steps for Money Multiplication

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