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Team Roles Assessment

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      The Team Roles profile helps students determine what roles they naturally play on a team.

      These leadership roles fall into three categories: task roles, social roles and destructive roles.

      Through this introspective process, your students will be able to identify the role they play on a team when they are on task, interacting socially, or disengaged from the team.

      Biblical Background In John 10, Jesus uses the illustration of a shepherd and his sheep to explain our relationship with Him.

      It's a tender picture of our role on Jesus' team.

      As a member of His team, we must rely on Him to provide for our survival and to help us accomplish each day's tasks.

      We must model His diligent concern for all.

      We must also remember to be gentle with each other's weaknesses as a part of the global flock that follows the same Shepherd.

      The LeaderTreks Distinctive Based on years of hands-on observation, LeaderTreks created a Team Roles Profile to help youth leaders understand the leadership roles students naturally fill on a team.

      Because God created each of us with a unique set of gifts and abilities, the goal of this profile is to help students discover how God has wired them.

      Leaders are most effective when they make this discovery and then find the leadership role that capitalizes their strength.

      Also available, Team Roles Facilitator Manual

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