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What Does God Want From Me?

Author: Mark Matlock
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      Many people think being a Christian means doing the right thing.

      But what is the “right thing”? At one time or another we've all probably wondered about some of these questions: Does what I wear to church on Sunday matter to God? Will God be upset if I don't read the Bible every day? Is being a missionary or a pastor a higher calling than being a plumber or a doctor? Do I have to tell everyone I meet about Jesus? What is OK for Christians to do? And will God disown me if I do something I'm not supposed to do? The question we should ask is, “Who came up with this list of things that God supposedly wants from us? ”The reality is that the Bible tells us what God wants from us.

      In this book, Mark Matlock will lead you through the important messages from God has given us in his Word—messages that reveal what God actually wants from us so we don't have to wonder anymore.

      Mark Matlock has ministered to youth pastors and students for more than a decade.

      He teaches at PlanetWisdom conferences for teenagers, is the creator of PlanetWisdom.com, hosts the nationally syndicated radio program WisdomWorks, and is a columnist for Ignite Your Faith magazine.

      His most recent books are Living a Life That Matters and Smart Faith.

      Mark resides in Irving, Texas, with his wife, Jade, and their two children, Dax and Skye.

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