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Acting Out-Purpose

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      Using dramas in your group accomplishes two goals.

      One, it communicates a message in a way that's less “preachy,” so students might be more likely to listen in.

      Secondly, it involves your students in the ministry, giving them ownership over the program.

      This type of involvement is key to developing a core group of student leaders.

      To help meet these two goals—and to help add some more fun to ministry—we commissioned some dramas.

      The Acting Out series skits focus in on certain topics that youth leaders have told us are important to them.

      Actually, we've just always wanted to “commission” something and this seemed like as good a reason as any.

      Each of these humorous skits focuses on the topic of Purposes.

      What is our role in the church? How should we contribute? What does it mean to worship? Acting Out—Purposes skits:You Can't Handle the Truth: God's advice via the silver screen.

      (For two people) Voices of Volunteerism: A light look at the impact of volunteering.

      (For three people) Preparation for Resurrection? Trying to be more like Christ can be quite complicated.

      (For two people) Am I Trying to Tell Me Something? One man trying to fit in.

      While not going crazy.

      (For three people) A Group of One: A small groups leader takes it a little too far.

      (For six or more people) Get your students involved in a fun, low risk activity.

      Along the way they just might learn something.

      Five skits from our Acting Out series take some humorous looks at different Purposes in our life.

      How do we fit into a church group? What can volunteering really do? Will I go crazy if I become a small group leader? Use them in meetings, at camp, or just to get some kids up in front of the group.

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