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Best of Skit Guys

Author: Skit Guys
Our Price: $29.99

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      Chisel When God chisels the dead weight out of our lives it can be very painful.

      This is a look at a typical believer having to go through the process of God's discipline.

      Friends Tell Friends Everything Friends from childhood, David and Steve tell each other everything... well almost everything.

      It isn't until years later that David feels the weight of not sharing the most important thing with Steve: his faith in Christ.

      Fully Human, Fully God Have you ever really thought about Jesus being fully God and fully human? This skit highlights the divinity and the humanity of Jesus by showing several moments from the Gospels.

      Heart Department There is only one true source of fulfillment for our hearts.

      The skit searches through many other types of fulfillment in a Monty Pythonesque form.

      Psalm 139 God does a thorough heart checkup on the reader of Psalm 139 in this skit.

      Radio Show These days, people believe in many different things.

      This skit reminds us that living what we believe speaks louder than words.

      Some Chose, Some Did Not A re-telling of the story that involves Jesus' last days, crucifixion, and resurrection.

      That's Not My Jesus We often try to examine and think of Jesus in our own terms.

      This skit shows us how profoundly limited our view of Jesus can really be.

      The Birdcage The Bird Cage is a metaphor to humanity's imprisonment and Jesus' redemption plan that sets us free.

      Skit starts out as a young boy and a man talk about wild birds in a birdcage to the ultimate encounter of Jesus and Satan looking at mankind in the cage.

      The Football Skit The football game just ended and two guys from very different crowds meet in the locker room.

      We see that evangelism can take place under almost any circumstance.

      Who Do You Say I Am In this skit we see that Jesus can play many different roles in our lives.

      But in reality, Jesus is above all these subjective roles, and He asks the question, "Do you know who I am? "

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