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Games and Media

What Does God Look Like

Author: Igniter Media
Our Price: $15.00

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      MPEG-1 File DownloadSince being separated from God's presence in the garden, man has wondered what God looks like.

      Like generations before us, we too wrestle with understanding God's nature, often settling for the limited views of man.

      Some have thought of him in terms of a moral police officer, only interested in catching and punishing us for doing wrong.

      Others have compared God to an absent landlord unconcerned with our daily lives and struggles.

      But these views do not satisfy and so we continue to wonder ... However, Scripture does give us a picture of God.

      We are told that Jesus Christ is the exact representation of His nature.

      Thus, if we want to know what God looks like, we need look no further than Jesus, the visible image of the invisible God.

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