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Games and Media


Author: Sarti Design
Our Price: $12.00

Availability: In Stock

      Alter is a new video resource designed with creativity and versatility in mind.

      Fresh imagery, essential themes and identifiable metaphors make Alter a great source for adding depth to your creative programming.

      Each Alter theme features two different types of videos:the FOREGROUND Video This is the “feature” video for each Alter theme.

      With engaging footage and powerful imagery, the foreground video can provide a worshipful ambiance, unique pre-program atmosphere, or a thoughtful meditative piece.

      It also allows for your creativity, just by adding appropriately themed text, scripture, or music to the video.

      the BACKGROUND Video This is an “altered” version of the foreground video and can be used as a song background.

      It is simplified enough to be complementary, with the purpose of having text placed over it, yet powerful enough to enhance your worship experience.

      VIDEO SPECIFICATIONS Video Format: MPEG (720x480) Works With: Worship Presentation Software with video capabilities such as Mediashout, EasyWorship, Keynote, SongShow Plus or SundayPlus.

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