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Games and Media

Stories Vols. 1-3

Author: BlueFishTV
Our Price: $99.95

Availability: In Stock

      Doug Fields says, “I have found that nothing captures the attention of teenagers today more than testimonies from their peers.

      These two to three-minute stories are perfect for teeing-up your Bible study lesson or creating discussion before your lesson begins.

      STORIES is just another way to help you minister to the needs of your teenagers.

      ”Stories is a three-DVD set that contains 18 stories that can play from a DVD player or a computer.

      Volume 1Sex 1.Ashley [needed sex to feel loved] 2.Lonnie [caught in a lifestyle of sex]Betrayal 3.Heather [mother abandoned family] 4.Jason [friend stole homecoming date]Sharing Faith 5.Merianna [reaching out to friends] 6.Vickiel [football player uses popularity] Volume 2Drugs & Alcohol 1.Rance [used performance-enhancing drugs] 2.Kathryn [partied to fit in with crowd]Parental Conflict 3.Anthony [clashes with mother] 4.Adam [feels like father is distant]Overcoming Obstacles 5.Josh [needed heart transplant] 6.Andrew [experienced bad home environment] Volume 3Self-Esteem 1.Karen [struggles with schoolwork] 2.Matt [picked on by teammates]Stress 3.Candace [pressured by parents] 4.Kevin [head of the household]Broken Home 5.Valena [life changed by divorce] 6.Justin [caught in the middle]

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