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T-Minus Vol. 2

Author: Doug Fields
Our Price: $25.00

Availability: In Stock

      Hey, eyes up here!

      Here are 10 more T-Minus countdowns that will easily get your students' attention back up front and ready for whatever is coming next.

      All 10 countdowns come on one DVD, ready for presentation.

      We also have included the files as MPEGs for you to use on your computer.

      Just pick how much time you need (up to three minutes) and let ‘er rip!

      How it works These 10 three-minute video countdowns are an easy and effective way to get students ready to move on to whatever is next.

      No more yelling and waving of the hands.

      Just drop this DVD in your player, pick whichever countdown you want, and enjoy your next three minutes.

      Or, you can save the countdowns (as MPEGs) straight to your computer and import them into your presentation software–whether it's MediaShout®, PowerPoint®, or Keynote®–to seamlessly integrate them with your program.

      And save your voice.

      What you need All you need to use these countdowns is a DVD player.

      Whether it's a DVD player tied to a television or a computer with a DVD drive—either will do.

      And yes, it works on both Macs and PCs.

      Suggested uses The only limit to the use of these countdowns is your imagination.

      Use them before your program starts, as a countdown to game time, or to rally the troops - just use 'em!

      No, really, use them wherever you want, they'll work, we promise.

      What's included1 DVD with 10 professionally designed, 3-minute video countdowns 10 MPEG files of the countdowns to save to your computer 1 cool-looking package to use as a coaster, paper-weight, or to prop up the broken leg of your old desk

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