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 You're here: oChristian.com » Youth Resources » Sale » Best Sex Ever


Best Sex Ever

Author: Doug Fields
Our Price: $24.00

Availability: In Stock

      Sex sells.

      Sex tempts.

      Sex lies.

      Sex glorifies.

      How can one thing do all this? In Best Sex Ever, Doug Fields & Shaun Blakeney tackle this oh-so-difficult but oh-so-important topic.

      Students are bombarded daily with messages about sex, about their own sexuality, and little of it borders on Truth.

      Rather than try and stifle their natural curiosity with a simple “Wait until marriage,” this series digs in deep to reframe sex in light of God's design and purpose.

      The topics for this four-week series are:Week 1 - Created In God's Image Week 2 - God's Word On Sex Week 3 - Sex Is So Much Bigger Than I Thought!

      Week 4 - Messing Up To Making Up

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