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Bulls Eye Living

Author: Doug Fields
Our Price: $20.00

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      This is a 4 week downloadable message transcript series.

      Included in this file are 4 Microsoft word documents containing the full word-for-word message transcripts and student outlines.

      Bull's Eye Living means seeing your life as a target, with your relationship with God in the middle and all other aspects of life as the rings which surround it.

      An archer wants to hit a bull's eye; the center of the target is his goal.

      Through this 4-week series, your students will discover how to determine their own life's purpose and use that knowledge to focus on the bull's eye and strip away the things which hold them back from achieving it.

      Week 1: What On Earth Am I Here For? Your students may believe they are just an accident, a coincidental joining of random DNA, but God says differently.

      Not only did He create them, He created them with a purpose.

      Help them find out what that purpose is so they can have lives full of meaning.

      Knowing your purpose also makes your decisions clearer, and any help teens can get in their decision-making is certain to be valuable.

      Week 2: The World's Values VS.

      God's Values The world values pleasure, possessions, and popularity.

      These are things we all enjoy, and there is nothing wrong with them by themselves.

      But they don't satisfy, and they don't last.

      Your students will be challenged to examine the world's values with a critical eye, determine their own values, and take action steps so they can live accordingly.

      Week 3: Defining My Life's Purpose If you're going to hit a bull's eye, you have to be able to focus on the goal.

      But what is that goal? You have told your students time and again that they were made by a loving God.

      But have you taught them why? Why did God create them? What is their purpose on this earth? This message will help your students develop their own life's mission statement so they can bring their life into focus.

      Week 4: Living Out My Life's Purpose Once we establish our mission, we need to learn how to live it out over the long haul.

      Life is longer and more grueling than any marathon, so we need to train our students to finish it well.

      The race is ultimately theirs to run, but we can help them develop the skills to complete it, find others to help them train, and teach them to listen to their Coach.

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