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How To Turn Heads

Author: Doug Fields
Our Price: $16.00

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      This is a 4 week downloadable message transcript series.

      Included in this file are 4 Microsoft word documents containing the full word-for-word message transcripts and student outlines.

      If you were to see something unusual (like a two-headed dog) or attractive (like a beautiful woman), chances are you would turn your head to look at it.

      This series covers four areas of life which, if adopted, will make you both unusual and attractive, a real head-turner.

      Week 1 - Getting Control Of Yourself You've probably heard the excuse “I couldn't help myself.

      ” Perhaps you've even used it yourself.

      This message is about how you can help yourself and the steps you can take to develop self-control.

      Week 2 - Doing The Right Thing Hopefully, you listened to last week's message because this series builds on itself; you need self-control in order to develop this week's quality, right conduct.

      And you need right conduct to develop…Week 3 - Devotion To God We were created to love and serve God, and our lives work better when we do that.

      God promises to take care of our needs when we desire Him.

      If you haven't yet figured out how to make yourself desire God above all else, please listen to this message.

      Week 4 - Hope Has A Present, Past And Future The word “hope” has been diluted in our vocabulary: “I hope you have a nice summer,” or “I hope I get a pony for my birthday.

      ” But hope is not wishful thinking, mere optimism, or ambitious dreams; hope is something we can possess, and this message helps you see how.

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