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Life - 5 Keys To Help You Live It Up

Author: Doug Fields
Our Price: $20.00

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      This is a 5 week downloadable message transcript series.

      Included in this file are 5 Microsoft word documents containing the full word-for-word message transcripts and student outlines.

      Nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks, “I hope my life really sucks today.

      ” We all want to have a great life, a life worth celebrating.

      This series will show your students five keys to living it up big time.

      Week 1: Are You Out To Change Your World? The first key to living it up is reaching out to others, to sharing what God has done in your life.

      This message reassures even the most timid Christian that they have a story worth sharing and that they can do so in loving, natural ways.

      Week 2: Experience Life-changing Relationships God created us to be in relationships, not just with Him, but also with other people.

      So many students are crying out for someone to connect with them, to accept them as they are, but those cries often go unanswered until they move beyond friendship to fellowship with other believers.

      Week 3: Give Life Away – Meeting Needs With Love This key is all about serving others, not in big, flashy ways or in ways that you don't enjoy, but serving others by using your gifts and talents to meet the needs of those around you.

      Week 4: Healthy Things Grow A mistake that many people make is feeding their wants and desires but starving themselves spiritually.

      This message emphasizes the need for your students to develop some spiritual habits that aren't dependent on your youth program or pastor to help them grow.

      Week 5: Celebrate Celebrating changes your attitude, your perspective, your very life.

      You can choose to celebrate even when things aren't going all that well.

      This message gives you a few simple steps to get you started.

      The rest of the party is up to you.

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