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Making it Through the Mine Fields

Author: Doug Fields
Our Price: $12.00

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      This is a 3 week downloadable message transcript series.

      Included in this file are 3 Microsoft word documents containing the full word-for-word message transcripts and student outlines.

      Temptation is a minefield everyone must cross, but students are not always well-prepared for the dangers involved.

      Equip your students with this 3-week series, teaching them to see the risks temptation poses to their entire lives as well as the rewards for those who make it through.

      Week 1: Understanding the Power of Temptation Many times, we feel that the temptations we face are unique to us.

      How can you counsel your students when “nobody's ever felt like this before? ” You can start with this message, which tells them that what they are experiencing is nothing new and tells them the truth about the disasters that happen when temptation wins.

      Week 2: Winners and Losers of Temptation There are students who go through your ministry and go on to college and go on in their lives never letting go of the truths they learned from you, seeking God with their whole hearts all their lives.

      Then there are the ones who don't.

      What is the difference? Whether they won or lost against the temptations that plagued them.

      This message outlines the ABC's of temptation and draws a vivid picture of what happens when you win or lose against temptation.

      Week 3: How To Run From Temptation Who was Jesus? He was God in the flesh? He faced all of the temptations we do and can understand them.

      He can also help us say no to them, if we are wise enough to ask for His help.

      This message outlines a few simple steps to help your students make their way through the minefields intact.

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