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Road Rules for the Real World

Author: Doug Fields
Our Price: $40.00

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      This is a 10 week downloadable message transcript series.

      Included in this file are 10 Microsoft word documents containing the full word-for-word message transcripts and student outlines.

      Road Rules is a message series about real-life stuff.

      Eight weeks of biggies, from one week to addressing the question or problem, with a week following providing some insight and guidance into solutions from God's perspectives.

      Facing Fears, Getting Guidance, Stress, Identifying your fears are just a few of the topics included in this series.

      This series is one of our most popular because it speaks directly to students lives.

      Everyone in your youth group will benefit from these messages, this is likely to include the teacher as well.

      Week 1 – Dealing with Stress Every single person in your ministry suffers through some stressful periods in their lives.

      If you are not a stress case yet, you probably will be.

      School and tests, parents, relationships, there's so many places in our lives that stress can show up.

      You'll find some great truths about stress, like stress makes us very self-centered, and we have average relationships.

      Stress forces us to think about ourselves, and being in a progressive society doesn't help either, it just adds to the load.

      This message will provide you with some action steps to avoid stress, and replace it with God's peace in your life…who wouldn't want that? Week 2 - Friendships & Stress and A Built-In Answer God has wired us to be in relationship; with him and with others.

      You'll discover the qualities of an effective friend.

      When you have healthy friendships some of your stress is decreased.

      Friendships bring out the best in us, and a healthy friendship looks out for the best in others.

      You'll find some great and surprising truths about friendships that will be great stress relievers in your students lives.

      Week 3 - How to Make Great Decisions One of the things all of us have in common is all of us have to make decisions.

      On any given day, you probably make at least a hundred decisions.

      Many of them minor decisions that don't have many consequences, but you'll find that the quality of your life will be determined by the wisdom or the foolishness of your decisions.

      Decisions are nothing to take lightly, and God is very concerned about the decisions that we make.

      This message identifies some of the stresses that come with decision making, and some steps to avoid the traps we fall into when making decisions based on our own processes.

      Week 4 – Getting Guidance for your Decisions God wants to help you make decisions.

      He's given you his love letter as the standard for some of those decisions so you will know what's right and you will know what's wrong.

      God's all about getting guidance for making decisions.

      The Bible is based on God's supernatural wisdom that is not only true but it stands the test of time.

      Help your students make wise choices on making decisions based not on things internal or external, but on things eternal.

      Week 5 – Why am I

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