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Sex in Six Weeks

Author: Doug Fields
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      This is a 6 week downloadable message transcript series.

      Included in this file are 6 Microsoft word documents containing the full word-for-word message transcripts and student outlines.

      Sex is everywhere.

      You see it in magazines, billboards, TV.

      It's become so normal.

      Sex is used to sell products.

      For some, sex terrifies.

      For others, sex mystifies.

      It consumes our thoughts.

      In this message series, it may be the first time your students ever heard somebody talk about sex in a public setting.

      In this series on sex, Doug talks about solid biblical truths that will help students from experiencing the pain that oftentimes happens because of sex and broken relationships that can happen outside of the context of marriage, which is God's design for sex in the first place.

      Week 1 - Why The Big Deal About Sex Anyway? Sex is everywhere.

      It has become a marketing tool for advertisers, a goal of making a person feel loved, and an object of blurred boundaries and definitions.

      This sermon is a series overview which wades through the rampant false messages about sex to expose the core biblical truths and consequences of taking a relationship too far before marriage.

      By delivering this message to your students, you will equip them with four solid action steps to help them evaluate relational options and boundaries that will protect them from pain as they wait for marriage before having sex.

      Week 2 - What's The Bible Teach About Sex? The good news about sex is that it's not dirty and God's not against it.

      He created it and He wants it to be enjoyable in the right context.

      In part 1 of this series, students were challenged to set boundaries.

      In part 2, they will find out how God plans to help them keep those boundaries strengthened.

      Students will be relieved to learn that as they choose the right path with their future protected, they can trust God to help them win the battle over temptation.

      Week 3 - How Far Is Too Far? What can I get away with and still be a virgin is a common question haunting the minds of students today.

      They want to experiment as much as possible, but they still want to cling to the label sexually pure.

      They've got it backward.

      A student who seriously wants to build a healthy relationship with God and wait until marriage for sex will ask, “How can I honor God with my relationships? ” Using this sermon to help students change their mindset and commitment level will push them closer to making wise relational choices.

      Week 4 - What Else Should I Know About Sex? While sex consummates a marriage, it divides dating partners.

      When a dating relationship moves into territory reserved for marriage, the couple does not have the commitment to live up to the action.

      This message also reveals the biological truth of sexually transmitted diseases as well as the emotional pain of going too far before marriage.

      The purpose of this talk is to show students how God can meet the needs that we believe can only be met in a sexual relationship.

      Week 5 - Creative Dating It's

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