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Song of Songs

Author: Chuck Bomar
Our Price: $50.00

Availability: In Stock

      Of all the things distorted by sin, relationships—especially romantic ones—rank near the top of the list.

      In fact, young adults face more and more pressure every day to conform their relationships to ungodly standards.

      And it's not enough to provide a negative reason to not do something.

      There has to be a plan.

      A hope.

      In Song of Songs, Chuck Bomar breaks down the Bible's sexiest book to reveal positive, godly principles for couples.

      Each of the five lessons reaches beyond a typical “5 principles of dating” message and is packed with practical information that students can apply to current and future relationships.

      From dating to divorce-proofing a marriage, this is a lesson series that can dramatically change the way people live their daily lives.

      Lesson include: Introductions to Song of Songs Dating Relationships (Part 1) Dating Relationships (Part 2) Marriage - The Wedding Day Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage

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