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Author: Doug Fields
Our Price: $24.00

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      Happiness, meekness, persecution, righteousness… what's the deal, Jesus? This 8-week small group series unpacks Jesus' teachings on the Beatitudes in Matthew 5.As you work through each of them, your students will understand more deeply these attributes and how to live them out in their life.

      The end result? A life honoring to God and one that is truly “blessed”.

      And, this series will have you ready to teach in no time, with icebreakers and discussion questions specific to each lesson.

      Lesson Include: Are You Poor Enough to Party? (Happiness): Matthew 5:1-10 I'm So Sad I'm Happy (Repentance): Matthew 5:4 If They Offer You the World, Take It (Meekness): Matthew 5:5 God's All-You-Can-Eat Buffet (Righteousness): Matthew 5:6 What Goes Around… (Mercy): Matthew 5:7 Waging Peace (Peace): Matthew 5:8 The Thrills of Persecution (Persecution): Matthew 5:10-16 *Formerly titled Happiness is Serious Business from Small Group Bible Studies Vol. 4.

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