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Brand New

The Essence

Author: Doug Fields
Our Price: $15.00

Availability: In Stock

      Introducing students to a life with Christ is one of the most rewarding experiences in youth ministry.

      This series asks five questions that people who profess to be Christians must answer; they are also critical for those who are on the outside examining our faith.

      Whether your students are asking some of these questions, just getting started in living a Christian life, or needing to revisit some of the basics, this study is designed to help them understand and process the essence of these five questions.

      The Essence lessons include: What is a Christian and why should I be one? What is the Bible and why should I read it? What is prayer and why should I practice it? What is the church and why should I get involved in it? What is evangelism and why should I do it? Each lesson is ready to use right out of the box, but all the materials are also editable so you can customize each one for your ministry.

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