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Teenage Guys

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      In order to really meet their needs, youth workers and parents need to fully understand the inner workings of adolescent guys.

      In Teenage Guys, author Steve Gerali unpacks the areas of development adolescent guys experience, providing illustrations culled from his years as a youth pastor and clinical therapist, as well as practical research findings to equip youth workers (both male and female) to more effectively minister to teenage guys.

       Inside you'll get unflinching, no-holds-barred views of what it means to be a teenage guy in the 21st century, along with helpful suggestions on how to minister to teenage guys and their families, process the issues your own students face, and help them and mentor them through this tumultuous times.

       In addition to concepts such as mentoring and rites of passage, Gerali's extensive research also walks readers through: COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT - how a guys' mind works; how it moves from concrete functioning to idealism SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT - what's unique about the relationship between a guy and his family and friends, as it molds his masculine identity EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT - challenges guys are facing today related to depression, suicide, violence, bullying, and substance abuse SEXUAL MATURATION - how a guy moves through puberty to maturity; his struggles with pornography, masturbation, and gender identity and confusion FAITH FORMATION - how guys accept, challenge, and internalize their beliefs For men and women who work with teenage guys, this reference guide will open you eyes to what's going on inside and around them.

      You'll be better equipped to help them walk through adolescence toward becoming mature, confident, Christian men.

       Steve Gerali, D.


      , is the director of the undergraduate degree program in youth ministry at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California.

      With more than 25 years of experience in youth ministry and the field of adolescent development, he has conducted seminars in North and South America and Europe.

      He is the author of The Struggle and How to Stay Christian in High School (NavPress).

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