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 You're here: oChristian.com » Youth Resources » Books for Students » Every Teenager's Little Black Book on How to Win a Friend to Christ

Books for Students

Every Teenager's Little Black Book on How to Win a Friend to Christ

Our Price: $4.99

Availability: In Stock

      With 100,000 books already sold in the little black book series, author and youth minister Blaine Bartel now introduces five more titles to this growing book trend.

      Teens and adults alike love the short, simple lists and bullet points filled with humor and hard-hitting truths.

      These quick and powerful books are perfect for teens on-the-go and have sound scriptural advice that will help them succeed in life.

       Contents Include Live 4 Do's That Affect Sinners 3 Attitudes That Make You a Hypocrite 3 Things That Will Turn Off Your Family 5 Scriptures for Living Right 4 Fears You Must Conquer Every Day Love 3 Things God's Love Does to People 5 Signs a Relationship is Centered on the Love of God 3 Practical Ways to Show God's Love to a Sinner 3 Things Love is Not 7 Things God Did in Loving Us Learn 3 Stereotypes People Have About Christians 5 Ways to Attract New Friends 3 Steps to Lead a Person to Christ 5 Things You Should Know About Sinners 5 Scriptures That Promise Salvation Lift 3 Messages That Life People Up 4 Promises to Lift You Up 4 Differences Between Confidence and Arrogance 3 Ways to Lift Jesus Up In Your World 3 Ways to Lift Up a Person Through Prayer Listen 4 Reasons It's Critical That You Listen to People 7 Ways to Help a Suicidal Person 3 Important Steps to Take If You've Sinned Sexually 3 Things to Say to a Victim of Divorce 5 Things an Addict Needs to Know Lead 3 Qualities to Choose in Order to be a Leader 3 Reasons Leadership Creates Evangelism 3 Things That Will Make You a Humble Leader 3 Reasons It's Cool to Make Good Money 4 Most Important Destinations of Every Leader

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