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Defending the Universe - High School Skits

Author: Skit Guys
Our Price: $29.99

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      High School is a busy time, activities, friends, jobs, and school, and in four short years they're gone.

      These skits were designed to get students involved in ministering to others with creativity and success.

      One thing we've learned is that students will listen to their peers as they act out stories on stage and really connect with them.

      So, have fun with these ten skits that cover a wide range of themes perfect for your high school students.

      Abilities Wouldn't it be great if we had some place where we could just go and complain? The problem is that complaining never changes anything as the people on this skit discovers at the National Association of People Who Decide Things.

      Themes: Complaining, Action, Making your life count, Passing the buck, Connecting with othersBrady Bunch Here's the story of a lovely lady, a man named Brady, and spoof on that television icon of the 70s.

      This short spoof provides a fun and nostalgic avenue into some very current needs in the lives of students.

      Themes: Family, Fun, Choices, Priorities, Self-esteemComing Clean Jason tells his best friend about being molested when he was a child, and is able to take the first step towards healing coming to grips with his past.

      WARNING: The subject matter in this skit is very sensitive and may not be for all audiences.

      Themes: Abuse, Hopelessness, Connecting, Best friends, Putting up and tearing down wallsFast Food It would be easy to resist temptation if we could just see what was going on spiritually.

      The reality is that many of the “harmless” thoughts that tempt us are really flaming arrows trying to harm us and keep us from following God.

      Themes: Fasting, Temptation, Victory, Resist the Devil, God's powerHere I Am Lord, Send Me This is a Reader's Theater skit that asks the hard questions that we ask ourselves about why we were put on this planet.

      In the end it is shown that once we get our eyes off of ourselves and make ourselves available to God that we find purpose.

      Themes: Taking risks for God, Recognizing opportunities, Move forward, Self-pity, Being wonderfully madeOpen Your Eyes You've heard Jesus' warning about the blind leading the blind, this skit shows you how true His words are.

      Two fools cover their eyes and walk blindly through their day and cause nothing but chaos in their wake.

      Themes: Blindness, Purpose, Consequences, Pain, FoolishnessSay What Gossip and rumors grow wildly in the matter of one school day.

      Assumptions are made and everyone takes sides.

      When the truth comes out, will the people involved reconcile their relationship, or let the separation and bitterness grow? Themes: Gossip, Relationships, Conflict, Communication, Seeking forgivenessSee You At The Pole A popular TV show host shows up at a local high school's See You At The Pole Rally.

      Through his interviews with students, we see shallow reasons for attending, and the true reason for the gathering.

      The Last Flight of 206 When flight 206's engines fail, the passengers have to quickly fulfill all o

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