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Defending the Universe - Junior High Skits

Author: Skit Guys
Our Price: $29.99

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      The tween years are an amazing time of change and growth, and those students have very specific needs spiritually.

      This collection of funny, goofy, and meaningful skits were designed specifically to reach Junior High students where they are, to help them grow close to God, and to see life from God's perspective.

      American Idol We are often told to follow our dreams, but what do we do when criticism slaps us in the face.

      In this skit several people audition for American Idol and are encouraged by some and rejected by others.

      In the end we are reminded that if God has given you a dream it is worth pursuing.

       Themes: Dreams, Fun, Manners, Talents, Gifts, Learning to Deal with Mean People, TruthBaby Steps A baby can only grow so fast, and it's nice to know that most parents are more encouraging that critical.

      The same is true of our heavenly Father as we grow up spiritually and take our baby steps into becoming like Christ.

       Themes: Patience, Growth, Frustration, GodDad Give Me My Money Now It's the Parable of the Prodigal Son in fast forward!

      Full of humor and truth, students will be able to get something out of this skit no matter where they are on the spiritual spectrum.

      Themes: Consequences, Selfishness, Forgiveness, Parables, SalvationEhud: The Left-Handed Man Welcome to Masterworks Theatre as they present the funniest version of one of the men who delivered the Israelites from oppression during the time of the Judges – complete with intrigue, deception, and a greasy bucket of chicken.

      Themes: Bible Story, Courage, Faithfulness, RepentanceI Never Knew You When Jesus told parables, He used everyday events to make a spiritual point.

      In this skit the situation, which takes place at school, draws upon Jesus' words from the Sermon on the Mount an applies it to the lives of today's students.

      Themes: Belief, Jesus, Fame, HonestyI Want to be More Like This skit shows five people who are caught up in comparing themselves to someone else.

      It leaves them envious and discouraged until one of them remembers that he should be comparing himself to the character of Christ.

      Themes: Comparison, Contentment, Satisfaction, Being who God created you to beNerds and the Women Who Love Them: The Phil Calahan Show This “skit bit” involves four beauty pageant contestants as they talk about their dream guy.

      Look out for the surprise ending!

      Themes: Fun, Commitment, Love, Dating, Differences, Crowd Breaker, ImageTake Off the Diaper Put Down the Bottle To grow up spiritually is a choice, it doesn't happen naturally, as the characters in this skit demonstrate.

      Four friends who made commitments to Christ together are at different points in their growth, due to the degree they are willing to trust God to take care of their needs.

       Themes: Growth, Rationalization, Choices, FriendsThe Roller Coaster Life In the midst of life's ups and downs it would nice to have an easy way into Heaven.

      This “game show” skit tries to offer some alternate solutions to salvation, but in the end it i

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