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Pathway to Purpose

Author: Katie Brazelton
Our Price: $11.00

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      For many women, knowing God's five purposes for their lives—worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism—leads to the natural questions, “What am I doing in the midst of deadlines, diapers, to-do lists, laundry, and daily schedules? What is the connection between my life purposes and the daily existence I am living now? ” In her book Pathway to Purpose, Katie Brazelton helps women connect the dots between living amidst the details of their lives and living out God's purposes for their lives.

      She provides road-tested tools that have become the stepping stones for women along the pathway to living in purpose.

      This book is for women who:... want to go deeper into understanding each purpose... .

      want to learn how to apply the purposes to their lives... .

      want to discover how their passions align with God's purposes!

      Gift ideas:Mother's Day Female volunteers Family members Book excerpt:Part One: Step toward the Pathway Chapter 1: Is Your Life Out of Sync? My life flies by—day after hopeless day.

      (JOB 7:6, TLB)Do you remember George Bailey, the main character in the classic movie, It's a Wonderful Life? He sinks into a serious depression and even considers ending his life because of his unrealized dreams and feelings of uselessness.

      With the help of Clarence, an angel, George is shown the impact of the specific relational assignments in which he has been critically needed over the years.

      He comes to realize that there has been a clear purpose in his life all along.

      He discovers that his life has mattered and still matters a great deal.

      Like George, we each have purposes to fulfill, many of which are linked to our relationships, passions, talents, experiences, dreams, hopes, and longings.

      Living a larger, more fulfilling and dynamic life than you may currently be living is possible when you catch God's vision for your life.

      It is a transformational experience.

      I'm no angel, but I experienced a remarkable transformation as I journeyed on the pathway to purpose.

      And, I am eager to share lessons I have learned along the way.

      At age thirty-five, I unexpectedly found myself divorced.

      Gary and I had started dating during college.

      We got married, built a life together, had children.

      Then, in the flash of a conversation that lasted only a few minutes, it was over.

      All of a sudden I had no husband to tend to, my two children were often visiting their dad, and many of the family responsibilities that for years had defined my life were nearly nonexistent.

      I was far more fortunate than many divorced women with young children.

      I was not financially abandoned and forced into survival mode.

      Quite the opposite.

      My ex-husband adored our children.

      He couldn't get enough of them or do enough to make our lives easier.

      So when the kids came home to me, they were fed, often newly clothed, and happily exhausted.

      I had less laundry, cooking, shopping, and homework assistance to worry about than when we were together as a family.

      I lived like a divorced princess.

      But deep

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